Definition of new economy in US English:

new economy


  • New industries, such as biotechnology or the Internet, that are characterized by cutting-edge technology and high growth.

    • ‘If our new economy is so reliant on pooling, then it's just a house of cards and will come crashing down.’
    • ‘The new economy has also not prevented the recurrence of a recession.’
    • ‘Paulina Borsook apparently has a book coming out that (at least in part) says how selfish the new economy is.’
    • ‘What kind of jobs will Cleveland's new economy provide for its native residents?’
    • ‘The key variable is the foreign investor, who is no longer seduced by the miracle of the new economy.’
    • ‘And that could augur well for the longer-term development of the new economy in the region.’
    • ‘The Scottish Council Foundation has appointed three leading figures to its board, representing the new economy.’
    • ‘Yet despite these links to the past, the new economy also raised new questions.’
    • ‘In this new economy, fasting implies the refusal to participate fully in the wedding feast.’
    • ‘What smart steps should business leaders be taking to deal with Act II of the new economy?’
    • ‘A reasonable definition of the new economy has little to do with economics and a lot to do with culture.’
    • ‘If there is a promise at the heart of the new economy, it is this: We should all do work that matters.’
    • ‘They discovered a new world, and, in doing so, created what has come to be called the new economy.’
    • ‘The good news was that California came out of its recession and the new economy took off.’
    • ‘Again the new economy of computers and internet technology is seen as the new driving force behind wealth creation in the States.’
    • ‘What effect has the advent of the new economy and the internet had on your thinking and on marketing?’
    • ‘These are the lessons of the North for those who wish a prosperous future in the new economy.’
    • ‘A nostrum of the new economy is that new technology allows us to use less energy.’
    • ‘New irrigation initiatives, he claims, are taking the wealth of the new economy to the parched villages.’
    • ‘In the new new economy the currency is debt: borrow and buy, then borrow and buy some more.’