Definition of never-changing in US English:



  • That never changes; remaining the same.

    ‘a never-changing loop of cause and effect’
    • ‘As the never-changing inside cover blurb puts it, "One by one they find their way into a deep forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures": a pleasingly eccentric mixture of humans, giant talking carnivores and the usual curious mix of talking and non-talking animals that inhabit all anthropomorphic books.’
    • ‘Melodies float along, never-changing, beats emerge and disappear nonplussed and, worst of all, there's no minor developments.’
    • ‘The explanations lack depth because they do not help students realize that what is printed on the page to identify key is the result of a never-changing melodic pattern.’
    • ‘He had been executive producer for well over a decade and was largely responsible for the show's never-changing image.’
    • ‘It seemed as if we were trapped in a never-changing, timeless zone, when no longer was there any purpose in honing the craft that is the poetry of calypso.’
    • ‘Will we expect a computer desktop to be as persistent and never-changing as a wooden one?’
    • ‘It's no accident that the whole song is built around a never-changing vocal loop that all the chords and lines work with, but when everything starts to get blended together at the end, there's really a near-infinity of other lines you could put on top.’
    • ‘Superheroes are trapped in a never-changing loop of cause and effect, always battling the same villains, struggling with the same dilemmas, and exemplifying the ideals of heroism and courage for generation after generation with nary a hair out of place or a wrinkled pair of tights.’
    • ‘The high degree of control made possible by conducting listening tests on specialized, never-changing hardware in a lab has its merits, but that's been done before.’
    • ‘Those fictional works are static, never-changing, and the experience is passive rather than active.’