Definition of neutral zone in US English:

neutral zone


  • 1The central area of a hockey rink, lying between the two blue lines.

    • ‘The Lightning aggressively forecheck two men, taking away the D-to-D pass - even deploying the weak-side winger in denying the off side defenseman the puck in the neutral zone.’
    • ‘He steals pucks constantly in the neutral zone, leading to breakaway goals and oddman rushes.’
    • ‘Scott Niedermayer gliding effortlessly with the puck through the neutral zone.’
    • ‘He will have to address his impact on the forecheck, in the neutral zone and in the faceoff circle.’
    • ‘And then in the neutral zone with the puck, he just shakes his head a little and he's by you.’
  • 2American Football
    (before the start of a play) the imaginary zone running sideline to sideline from the front to the back point of the football.

    • ‘I can mark what he does in the neutral zone, how he handles the forecheck or makes the first pass on the breakout.’
    • ‘Why wait to get it back in the end zone or the neutral zone?’
    • ‘So even though there haven't been a lot more neutral zone penalties, there has been less quarterback harassment.’
    • ‘In the offseason, the NFL competition committee recommended that officials no longer allow defensive players to line up in the neutral zone, right on top of offensive linemen.’
    • ‘The co-chairmen of the league's competition committee are as responsible as anyone for keeping pass rushers out of the neutral zone, which has helped give quarterbacks more time to throw.’


neutral zone

/ˈn(j)utrəl zoʊn/