Definition of neuroscientist in US English:



  • An expert in neuroscience.

    ‘there is a significant and growing need among neuroscientists to exchange experimental data’
    • ‘The neuroscientists warned against drawing conclusions until the experiment was over.’
    • ‘Neuroscientists have used MRIs to study how the brain activities of artists differ from those of non-artists in performing tasks like drawing abstract designs.’
    • ‘A team of neuroscientists has been researching this question for some time.’
    • ‘He is a behavioural neuroscientist at Laurentian University in Canada.’
    • ‘My background is in evolutionary biology and economics and my wife is a neuroscientist.’
    • ‘To a cognitive neuroscientist, the mind is about the brain and its neurological underpinnings.’
    • ‘Neuroscientists, like cartographers, have created maps of the brain.’
    • ‘Neuroscientists do not have a tradition of sharing raw data.’
    • ‘Psychologists and neuroscientists are making progress at understanding how to conquer fear.’
    • ‘Some neuroscientists think that complex memories may be stored in widely distributed networks of neurons, probably in the cerebral cortex.’