Definition of neurophysiological in US English:



  • See neurophysiology

    • ‘The neuroanatomical substrate and neurophysiological mechanisms underlying consciousness are still not understood.’
    • ‘Gruezelier has presented a neurophysiological model of hypnosis in which language and attentional processes that reside largely in the left hemisphere (in right hand dominant people) initially become activated.’
    • ‘The authors interpret their findings to indicate that the sensory-discriminative processing characteristics of pain contribute more to the subjective reality of pain than other neurophysiological processing centers.’
    • ‘As mentioned earlier, IgM antibodies to various neural antigens have been associated with neurophysiological and pathological changes characteristic of various neuropathies.’
    • ‘We recommend that mold-exposed individuals with symptoms of neuropathy be evaluated for antibodies against neural antigens and for neurophysiological abnormalities.’