Definition of neuropharmacologic in US English:



  • See neuropharmacology

    • ‘The mechanism of action is very complex, but current investigations suggest that buspirone's main neuropharmacologic effects are mediated by the serotonin - 1A receptors.’
    • ‘The focus of the research programs in the Division of Psychopharmacology continue to be the neuropharmacologic mechanisms involved in motivated and emotional behavior and how these mechanisms are altered with the development of CNS abnormalities such as addiction, stress, viral injury, and genetic variability.’
    • ‘Currently, if one is interested in examining two distinct neuropharmacologic measures with PET, one has to perform two separate PET studies typically spaced in time by about 2 hours.’
    • ‘Currently the neuropharmacologic literature is organized along traditional medical lines according to disorder.’
    • ‘Her research focuses on neuropharmacologic interventions to improve function after traumatic brain injury, using functional brain imaging and oculomotor studies to assess outcomes.’