Definition of neuralgic in US English:



  • See neuralgia

    • ‘He was treated as an inpatient for three weeks, and after electromyography he was transferred to a specialist unit where he was found to have bilateral phrenic nerve palsies probably caused by neuralgic amyotrophy.’
    • ‘The oil of St. John's Wort which is made by macerating the flowers in vegetable oil, can be externally applied to relieve sciatica and other neuralgic pains including repetitive injuries such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow.’
    • ‘Serious neuralgic pains in his legs often caused him insomnia.’
    • ‘The tea can also relieve neuralgic and rheumatic pain.’
    • ‘Some patients also report dysthesia or neuralgic type pain in the buttocks or legs and malaise with fever.’