Definition of neural tube in US English:

neural tube


Medicine Zoology
  • (in an embryo) a hollow structure from which the brain and spinal cord form. Defects in its development can result in congenital abnormalities such as spina bifida.

    • ‘If all women of childbearing age consumed folic acid daily, the number of pregnancies affected by neural tube defects would decrease by one half.’
    • ‘A baby's brain and spinal cord are formed from the neural tube very early in pregnancy.’
    • ‘While the notochord and somites are developing, the neural plate ectoderm above them begins to develop into the neural tube and the embryo is then called a neurula.’
    • ‘Folic acid works, but it only works if taken before and during the first few weeks of pregnancy, when the neural tube is developing into the brain and spinal cord.’
    • ‘This structure, called the neural tube, forms by the 28th day after conception.’