Definition of neural arch in US English:

neural arch


  • The curved rear (dorsal) section of a vertebra, enclosing the canal through which the spinal cord passes.

    • ‘On the dorsal side of the centrum is the neural arch, through which the nerve cord or spinal cord passes.’
    • ‘In essence, the ventral fontanelles have been expanded, and the exoccipital has developed paired articular surfaces contacting neural arches of the first vertebra.’
    • ‘Muscle fascicles originate off the skull, the transverse processes and neural arches of vertebrae, and off two connective tissues-the deep surface of the SDS, and the ventral surface of the deep tendon.’
    • ‘Just posterior to the transverse process a foramen for passage of the spinal nerves opens on the lateral wall of the neural arch pedicel on all vertebrae except the atlas, where it is anterior to the transverse process.’
    • ‘In all of the dorsal vertebrae, the neural arches are comparatively simple, and lack deep or partitioned excavations between the zygapophyseal and diapophyseal laminae.’