Definition of netting in English:



  • Open-meshed material made by knotting together twine, wire, rope, or thread.

    • ‘The louvres in the eight sound openings to the spire's belfry are unsafe and have been covered in green netting for more than two years.’
    • ‘This can be prevented by using light plastic netting to keep the butterflies out.’
    • ‘Open the French doors and there's a massive four poster bed with a seductive canopy of netting.’
    • ‘The prestige city centre office block has been shrouded in scaffolding and green netting for more than a year as the two huge firms did battle.’
    • ‘Until now the peaches have been invisible under the white netting, green on green.’
    • ‘Green netting is holding it together until contractors can begin work.’
    • ‘Whole families grab homemade nets of mosquito netting or cheesecloth and wade into the sea.’
    • ‘She makes wonderful things out of papier-mache, and chicken netting and copper wire.’
    • ‘As fruit develops on gooseberries and blackcurrants, erect temporary netting to protect it from the birds.’
    • ‘Their value ducks are well protected by overhead netting and Tinsley electrified poultry fence.’
    • ‘You can also build frames to support your netting out of wood or plastic plumbing pipe.’
    • ‘More will go in the hoophouses, and a second layer of netting will be added in a timely fashion.’
    • ‘On an exposed wall, young climbers can be protected by either netting or horticultural fleece.’
    • ‘The Cap has a lot of ornate lace and beads and is worn far back on the head with a thick spray of netting for the veil.’
    • ‘I do remember the bed I slept in had a very princessy bit of netting over it, with coloured stars and things, which I liked.’
    • ‘The onion netting was still in place, but there was a large hen dropping right in the middle which indicated that all was not quite right.’
    • ‘They watched the proceedings through a bullet-proof glass screen topped by an expanse of netting.’
    • ‘The window had missing slats and the mosquito netting had holes big enough to admit a large rat.’
    • ‘That episode prompted the addition of protective netting that now surrounds the stage.’
    • ‘It was made out of black netting, and she had cut slits on the sleeves to put her thumb through.’
    meshwork, mesh, webbing, tulle, fishnet, openwork, lace, lacework, latticework, lattice
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