Definition of nether in US English:



  • Lower in position.

    ‘the ballast is suspended from its nether end’
    • ‘The possibility that your underpants slipped deeper still into the crevices of certain nether areas seems more likely by the minute.’
    • ‘If they die, we will soon be holding this conversation in the nether realms.’
    • ‘This isn't really relevant to what I'm trying to get at here except in that it points out the age-related stuff that awaits us all as we approach the nether gate with the gaudy wreaths and the portrait photograph we didn't like in life.’
    • ‘I wonder when I reflect under what influence I was brought up, that my heart is not harder than the nether millstone.’
    • ‘But these nether fauna can never be completely tamed; and what would the outer reaches be, without their inner complement of native wildlife?’
    • ‘Hidden on the world's nether side, Australia was literally an underworld.’
    • ‘The sad irony of it all is that God's infinite mercifulness extends to the nether limits where our present breed of politicians abound.’
    • ‘I must say that the thought of seeing either one of them, devoid of covering for the nether limbs, does absolutely nothing for me, nor, by the sound of it, for your particular circle of associates.’
    • ‘I don't claim that professional investors always get it right, as the nether reaches of unit-trust league tables bear bleak testimony.’
    • ‘As to the nether extremes of this rampant courtesy, the complete lack of decent swear words in Japanese has frequently been a drawback to my own efforts at appropriate social engagement in the Land of Wa.’
    • ‘Tucked away somewhere in the nether reaches of my brain are vague memories of the Republican party as a defender of ‘fiscal responsibility’ and ‘law and order.’’
    • ‘So when the time came to review a restaurant beginning with E, it seemed like the perfect excuse to head over towards the nether end of Mission Street.’
    • ‘Maybe this time he took the exploration of this nether landscape of fear and paranoia too far, and explored the ultimate wasteland, the underbelly of the internet, where peoples darkest imaginings are a reality.’
    • ‘Not that he knew he was back, he simply found himself in a room full of monsters, lanky, pasty giants clad in disgusting nether garments, who, rather than beat him compassionately into stability, kept their distance and moaned.’
    • ‘Only now are the dimensions, costs and risks of these nuclear nether worlds coming to light.’
    • ‘The further you advance into the nether reaches of middle age, the more you understand it's all about the little things.’
    • ‘Horace warned writers against grafting together inconsistent images, which, he said, was like sticking a man's head on a horse's neck or giving a woman's torso the nether parts that ought to belong to a fish.’
    • ‘Luckily for Berwick, washing the cast's nether garments is about the only job he doesn't take on in the annual Theatre Royal panto, in which he is the star, writer and co-director.’
    • ‘And even though you pretend to be rough and tough, nobody likes to see themselves referred to as nether parts of human or animal anatomy.’
    • ‘The Dutch have at least 135 nude beaches, which just goes to show that Netherlanders aren't terribly worried about hiding their nether bits.’
    lower, low, lower-level, bottom, bottommost, under
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Old English nithera, neothera, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch neder- (found in compounds), neer, and German nieder, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘down’.