Definition of net asset value in US English:

net asset value


  • The value of a mutual fund that is reached by deducting the fund's liabilities from the market value of all of its shares and then dividing by the number of issued shares.

    • ‘As in a mutual fund, the net asset value is known on a daily basis.’
    • ‘A mutual fund's net asset value gives investors the total value of the fund's portfolio less liabilities, but how do you know if one fund is better than another?’
    • ‘However, at 461p its shares are priced at a 15% premium to its latest net asset value.’
    • ‘When I call up a chart of a mutual fund's net asset value at an Internet site, does it show the impact of sales charges?’
    • ‘The fee adviser has access to no-load mutual funds and load mutual funds at net asset value.’
    • ‘That's because mutual fund shareholders get a price, called net asset value, or the value of one share in the fund, that is calculated at the end of the trading day.’
    • ‘Scottish Mortgage will continue buying back its shares to try and enhance the fund's net asset value.’
    • ‘You can always redeem your shares at the fund's net asset value.’
    • ‘Still, mortgage funds can be attractive for income-oriented investors who are willing to ride out the ups and downs in the funds' net asset values.’
    • ‘Most funds calculate their net asset values at 4 p.m. EST each business day.’
    • ‘A company's book value is its net asset value minus its intangible assets, current liabilities, long-term debt and equity issues.’
    • ‘That net asset value is made up of the company's total property portfolio minus the value of its liabilities.’
    • ‘Shares have more than doubled over the past 12 months, though still trading below the net asset value per share.’
    • ‘As stock, bonds, and other security prices move up or down in price, the net asset value of a fund changes, too.’
    • ‘Data in respect of the net asset value of the funds would be provided periodically.’
    • ‘Embedded value, used instead of a price-to-earnings ratio to calculate net worth, reflects both net asset value and the value of a company's business.’
    • ‘A lot of investors believe that book value, or net asset value, offers a fairly precise and unbiased valuation metric.’
    • ‘Investment trusts are vulnerable to vulture funds because they are also quoted companies and most of their share prices lag their net asset values.’
    • ‘In a difficult five-year period for the markets, all three funds have seen their net asset value and share price trounce the benchmarks.’
    • ‘Management expense ratios are calculated by dividing the on-going costs of the mutual fund by the fund's net asset value.’