Definition of nervelessness in US English:



  • See nerveless

    • ‘That this has so widely happened in our day is at least part of the reason for current cynicism and nervelessness in the effort to secure peace and justice in human relations.’
    • ‘The Christian mind has succumbed to the secular drift with a degree of weakness and nervelessness unmatched in Christian history.’
    • ‘Liverpool proved their tremendous nervelessness, for after losing the lead given them by Terry McDermott, they stormed back in the second half with a leading goal from veteran Tommy Smith, whose 600th and final game this was.’
    • ‘Sitting over cakes and coffee, surrounded by the babble of a hundred excited voices waiting to go to a show, David Lan - a man of almost Zen-like relaxation and nervelessness - was not at all worried about the production that was about to premiere that night.’
    • ‘She adored Louise, but somehow at this crisis she could not help feeling impatient with the other woman's nervelessness and that devastating inertia.’