Definition of nerve center in US English:

nerve center


  • 1A group of closely connected nerve cells that perform a particular function in the body; a ganglion.

    1. 1.1 The control center of an organization or operation.
      ‘Frankfurt is the economic nerve center of Germany’
      • ‘Tom led Ace and a few other scientists and engineers to a cramped office adjoined the main nerve center.’
      • ‘Aside from the more strictly economic criticisms that I will have of this view, we should keep in mind that money, in any market economy advanced beyond the stage of primitive barter, is the nerve center of the economic system.’
      • ‘The Flood Defence Incident Room is the nerve centre of the operation.’
      • ‘There is a constant Garda security presence outside Harcourt Square station, which is the nerve centre of Garda operations in Dublin.’
      • ‘There is no single point of failure on our network because there's no single point of control, no nerve center.’
      • ‘But of course, the operations center here, which is the nerve center of the military response, was on emergency backup power.’
      • ‘This puts me at the very nerve centre of the operation.’
      • ‘I thought they'd installed a giant mirror to start with, just inside the station entrance, until closer inspection revealed an empty room behind that might one day be the new nerve centre at the heart of the station.’
      • ‘That 180,000-square-foot, disaster-proof center still exists, and operates as the nerve center of BNSF's dispatching operations.’
      • ‘We need to understand, this is the nerve center of, not only the nation's economy, but the world's economy.’
      • ‘His first move would be to transform the department's provincial head office into a control nerve centre that would co-ordinate activities throughout the province.’
      • ‘I qualified for a top-secret clearance to enable me to work as a controller at the command post, the nerve center for all military operations.’
      • ‘When a crisis hits, the blue lights go on in the NSA's Operations Center, the nerve center of its worldwide network.’
      • ‘I have to ask we had shots of you there in the control room, the nerve center of the show.’
      • ‘The Pentagon, headquarters of the US department of defence, is the nerve centre for command and control of America's military might and widely regarded as one of the most secure and impregnable buildings in the world.’
      • ‘In the 12 th and 13 th centuries it was the nerve centre of one of the most powerful commercial operations in England whose trading network stretched across Western Europe.’
      • ‘As chief executive he concentrated on the nerve centre and controls of the bank, leaving strategy and group development largely to colleagues.’
      • ‘At 6pm, the operations room became the nerve centre for the whole of the Humber area.’
      • ‘The city center is totally dominated by the presence of the university - a ubiquitous thing, without nerve center or organized structure.’
      • ‘A master control van, based at Westminster Abbey, will be the nerve centre of the operation.’
      headquarters, location, site, whereabouts, place, base, centre, nerve centre, nucleus, centre of activity, centre of operations, hub, focus, focal point, heart
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nerve center

/ˈnərv ˌsen(t)ər/