Definition of nephrotic in US English:



  • See nephrosis

    • ‘Five years ago she had a spontaneous abortion in the first trimester, complicated by hypertension and nephrotic proteinuria and was referred to an outpatient unit dedicated to diabetic patients with renal diseases.’
    • ‘The nephrotic and nephritic syndromes are clinical consequences of structural injury to the renal glomerulus, a vascular filter that clears the blood of waste products.’
    • ‘Most patients present with heavy proteinuria, most commonly in the nephrotic range, that is insidious in onset.’
    • ‘The nephrotic syndrome and proteinuria in the nephrotic range localize the pathologic process to the glomerulus.’
    • ‘Once active renal disease is no longer ongoing (that is, burned out), the patient may end up with nephrotic syndrome and a nephrotic urine.’