Definition of nephrosis in US English:



  • Kidney disease, especially when characterized by edema and the loss of protein from the plasma into the urine due to increased glomerular permeability. Also called nephrotic syndrome.

    • ‘A 49-year-old Japanese man had a history of nephrosis, heavy alcohol consumption, diabetes mellitus, and liver cirrhosis and had been undergoing dialysis for 10 years.’
    • ‘It's especially helpful in the diagnosis of nephritis and nephrosis.’
    • ‘Exposure to mercury can have serious toxicological effects; absorption of mercury results in neuropsychiatric disorders and, in extreme cases, nephrosis.’
    • ‘Thus, the kidneys, after many injections of the protein, showed the characteristic macroscopic picture of the third stage of the amyloid nephrosis.’
    • ‘Nephrosis, a change in nephrons that is not inflammatory; nephrotic syndrome occurs when large amounts of protein are lost from the body through the urine, usually as a result of nephrosis.’