Definition of nephridial in US English:



  • See nephridium

    • ‘The whole layer of nephridial cytoplasm surrounding the radiating canals is 1 to 1.5 micron thick.’
    • ‘Sensory and neurosecretory innervation of the nephridia is thus accomplished by a single neuron, which is thought to modulate nephridial performance.’
    • ‘For example, Nielsen cites the nonsegmental nature of these cavities in nemerteans and the lack of associated metanephridia or otherwise open nephridial connections as evidence against homology.’
    • ‘The nephridial pore is located at the posterior end.’
    • ‘Nemerteans possess protonephridia consisting of multiciliated terminal cells, a ciliated nephridial duct and a nephridiopore opening at the epidermis.’