Definition of nephrectomy in US English:



  • Surgical removal of one or both of the kidneys.

    mass noun ‘bilateral nephrectomy’
    count noun ‘many nephrectomies may be performed laparoscopically’
    • ‘The bilateral nephrectomies were performed for angiomyolipomas and renal cell carcinomas, and the pink papules were angiofibromas.’
    • ‘Advanced surgical techniques now allow the donor nephrectomy to be performed through a laparoscope.’
    • ‘A 39-year-old African American woman with a history of primary hyperoxaluria and recurrent nephrolithiasis underwent bilateral nephrectomies and consequently a combined kidney-liver transplantation as a means to cure her disease.’
    • ‘Bilateral nephrectomy has been reported to ‘cure’ malignant hypertension in hemodialysis patients.’
    • ‘A left nephrectomy was performed with the clinical diagnosis of a primary renal tumor due to the absence of any other masses in the extension study.’