Definition of neorealist in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See neorealism

    • ‘The Battle of Algiers is shot like a neo-realist film (much like a documentary) where non-actors and real-life participants are used.’
    • ‘This talent again serves him well in Last Resort, a film which closer resembles the neo-realist productions of current Iranian cinema than it does much of Britain's output.’
    • ‘Close to the Italian neo-realists in style, Iranian cinema takes small events in insignificant lives and creates high drama.’
    • ‘There was an explosion going on, what with the Italian neo-realists and the French Nouvelle Vague.’
    • ‘Even if there hasn't been a concentrated domestic movement in the vein of the Italian neo-realists or the current Taiwanese new wave, there's still plenty of alternative visions to savor.’