Definition of neopaganism in US English:



  • A modern religious movement which seeks to incorporate beliefs or ritual practices from traditions outside the main world religions, especially those of pre-Christian Europe and North America.

    Neopaganism is a highly varied mixture of ancient and modern elements, in which nature worship (influenced by modern environmentalism) often plays a major role. Other influences include shamanism, magical and occult traditions, and radical feminist critiques of Christianity

    • ‘This evolutionary neopaganism, which owes much to eastern ideas of Nirvana and the like, is on clear display in this film.’
    • ‘It is not difficult for me to understand the appeal of neopaganism.’
    • ‘But while few people noticed, he invented one of the 20th century's more influential religions, helped launch '60s-style sex-and-nature neopaganism, and was a major force behind the first modern libertarian zine.’
    • ‘But now that neopaganism has joined the ranks of approved campus religious groups, this is beginning to be a minority view, expressed tentatively for fear of giving offense.’
    • ‘Attempting to deny that Nazi anti-Semitism had a Christian component, Christian apologists exaggerate the influence of Aryan neopaganism.’
    • ‘Associate Editor Jesse Walker's ‘Inside the Spiritual Jacuzzi’ is a tour of new customized religions that range from attempts to fuse Judaism with Buddhism to neopaganism to something called the Hot Tub Mystery Religion.’
    • ‘As one moves further from the Wiccan mainstream, neopaganism's eclectic quality - its status as a religion of appropriation - becomes yet more obvious.’