Definition of neolith in English:



  • A stone implement used during the Neolithic Period.

    • ‘Site 45, representing the earliest Neolithic phase, revealed a short-blade microlithic industry accompanied by a crude reddish-brown handmade pottery, basaltic or quartzite flakes and a few crudely fashioned neoliths probably used for tillage operation.’
    • ‘Nowadays, the neoliths have been replaced by sheep.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the more advanced neoliths are even older, somewhere in excess of 23 million years.’
    • ‘At any rate I'm suggesting that the neoliths had to be transported over a relatively smooth path.’
    • ‘Crerno and Thompson discuss over forty anomalous cases of incised bones, as well as different eoliths, paleoliths and neoliths from various parts of the world, and present the arguments of the so-called debunkers.’
    • ‘Besides, there are some very fine neoliths from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh kept in the museum.’
    • ‘Sarazm is considered the most northern agrarian settlement of urban type in Central Asia in the age of neoliths and early bronze (IV-III BC).’