Definition of neoliberal in English:



  • Relating to a modified form of liberalism tending to favor free-market capitalism.

    • ‘These are not on the agenda of globalizing neo-liberal Capital.’
    • ‘They are ideologically committed to capitalism in its neo-liberal form.’
    • ‘Many newspapers and successive governments have pushed neo-liberal policies that have made life worse for millions of working people across Britain.’
    • ‘It did its best to prevent the workers from waging a militant struggle against the neo-liberal policies of successive governments.’
    • ‘The most conventional of all contemporary liberalisms is neo-liberal institutionalism.’
    • ‘This move towards the short term is specific to the contemporary, neo-liberal era of capitalism.’
    • ‘Sounds like Liberal Party and neo-liberal policy to me.’
    • ‘The constitution is the European bourgeoisie's attempt to put neo-liberal policies at the heart of the EU.’
    • ‘The vote was against unbridled neo-liberal capitalism, not for nationalism.’
    • ‘It has been a catastrophe for Third World producers whose livelihoods have been destroyed by neo-liberal policies.’
    • ‘If neo-liberal capitalism enforced by the Pentagon is supposedly paradise on earth, how can you possibly explain why anyone should oppose it?’
    • ‘On the one hand, there is a clearly defined capitalist neo-liberal project.’
    • ‘The overthrow of neo-liberal capitalism involves revolution in a national framework, even if that is not the end of the process.’
    • ‘Or isn't this form of neo-liberal capitalism that's going on in Europe right now destroying our social systems?’
    • ‘He and his government are pushing through neo-liberal policies every single day.’
    • ‘The events of the last days have led many to question the good will of neo-liberal policies and international monetary bodies in poor countries.’
    • ‘Given the above, it is both desirable and possible for neo-liberal policies and unfettered capitalism to be resisted and challenged.’
    • ‘History shows that the NDP introduced neo-liberal policies whilst in the legislature.’
    • ‘They demanded jobs, that the banks release their savings and an end to neo-liberal free market economic policies.’
    • ‘The Socialist Party government, like the previous right wing one, has unleashed neo-liberal attacks on public sector workers.’


  • A person holding neoliberal views.

    • ‘Neoconservatives and neoliberals just have different basic ways of approaching foreign policy - neither necessarily more hawkish or dovish.’
    • ‘Thus an NDC model replicates in pay-as-you-go form the nonsolidaristic logic of individualism implicit in the FDC model favored by many neoliberals.’
    • ‘In sum, neoliberals believed that the replacement of state economic guidance with a liberalized global market system would raise global income growth and improve economic performance everywhere.’
    • ‘So when you say Washington, you are speaking about the neoconservative and the neoliberals who are governing Washington today.’
    • ‘China, on the other hand, proves an exception to the arguments of both neoliberals and social democrats.’
    • ‘Education became one of the first targets of neoliberals, neoconservatives, and fundamentalists advocating market interests over social needs and democratic values.’
    • ‘The neoliberals and neoconservatives were not above stealing the watchwords of their antagonists.’
    • ‘A false separation between culture and class has made the left less adept at doing what the right and neoliberals have done: link issues of sexuality, race and gender to their corporate economy agenda.’
    • ‘Like the Marxists of a couple of generations ago, neoliberals believe one economic system is best everywhere.’
    • ‘Instead, neoliberals insist that globalization operate as a capital market-led, WTO-backed process that radically redistributes well-being worldwide.’
    • ‘But as the neoliberals turn the screw the poor are fighting back out of necessity and with resourcefulness.’
    • ‘But if neoliberals helped make Mexico's democracy, they did so in response to circumstances that were not of their own choosing.’
    • ‘On one hand, neoliberals argue that globalization requires rapid and unpopular decisions that consultative processes cannot generate.’
    • ‘And without the rhetoric of liberation, how could our American neoliberals possibly cover the nakedness of their collaboration with U.S. imperialism?’
    • ‘Furthermore, neoliberals believe that past governments have broken this rule and consequently there are too many restraints on private activity, especially corporate actors.’
    • ‘The campaign to save gendered marriage has some rational basis, for neoliberals in both parties, as a politics of privatization.’
    • ‘Nullification, the prelude principle to secessionism, was put forth by Jefferson, the grandfather to neoliberals.’
    • ‘When it comes to the putative economic benefits of empire, Ferguson is a garden-variety neoliberal.’
    • ‘The effective analytical focus on the national scale allows the neoliberals to point their fingers at the failure of national governance, not economic globalization, as the key explanation of the crisis.’
    • ‘Convinced that property is good, and that creating more property rights is better, neoliberals are primed to hand out patents on gene sequences and stem cell lines and copyrights on compilations of facts.’