Definition of nenuphar in US English:



  • A water lily, especially the white water lily, Nymphaea alba, or the yellow water lily, Nuphar luteum. Also (especially in "†oil of nenuphar", "†syrup of nenuphar"): the roots, leaves, flowers, or seeds of these plants, used in medicinal preparations (obsolete). Now literary.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in Guy de Chauliac's Grande Chirurgie. From post-classical Latin nenufar water lily from Arabic naynūfar (also as nīnūfar), probably transmission error for nīlūfar from Persian nīlūfar, nīlūpar, also nīlūfal, nīlūpal from Sanskrit nīlotpala blue lotus from nīla dark blue + utpala lotus, water-lily. Compare French nénufar, Spanish nenúfar, Italian nenufaro.