Definition of nektonic in US English:



  • See nekton

    • ‘In fact, cephalopods themselves were the only Ordovician nektonic durophagous predators.’
    • ‘Sponges, corals, bryozoa, gastropods, bivalves, and ammonoid and belemnite cephalopods all flourished, the latter two groups becoming the dominant nektonic invertebrates for the rest of the Mesozoic.’
    • ‘This shows on one hand a strong correspondence of nektonic life with sea level changes and, on the other, the strong interrelationship (competitive and/or predatory) of the nektonic biota.’
    • ‘Such is the case with the great majority of marine crustacean species, which almost always pass through a planktonic larval existence before metamorphosing to benthic or nektonic adult forms.’
    • ‘Both nektonic and benthic forms are known, although both were motile to varying degrees.’