Definition of neither here nor there in US English:

neither here nor there


  • Of no importance or relevance.

    • ‘But that's all insider mumbo-jumbo which is really neither here nor there.’
    • ‘However unappealing, this outbreak of boasting is probably neither here nor there to the individuals whose agonies initially provoked it.’
    • ‘Whether I believed it or not is neither here nor there.’
    • ‘Misspelled my name, by the way, but that's neither here nor there.’
    • ‘Viewed in this light, the fact that the parties to Acton stipulated that the bargain should be confidential is neither here nor there as to its relevance.’
    • ‘The fact that if that's their best argument, they don't really have one is neither here nor there in the long run; the end result is that it helps their cause.’
    • ‘But temperament in and of itself is neither here nor there.’
    • ‘Damp feelings of quiet dread are neither here nor there.’
    • ‘The fact is these players have fallen afoul of the system; which club they play for is neither here nor there.’
    • ‘But to a big-time publisher it is neither here nor there.’
    inconsequential, insignificant, unimportant, of little importance, of no importance, of little consequence, of no consequence, of little account, of no account, of no moment, incidental, inessential, non-essential, immaterial, irrelevant
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