Definition of negatively in US English:



  • 1In a negative way, especially by expressing denial, disagreement, or refusal.

    ‘53 percent of Americans view her negatively, compared to 40 percent favorably’
    ‘investors reacted negatively to the news’
    • ‘To date, the president has responded negatively to the proposal.’
    • ‘Though giving birth in the hospital is safe, many women speak negatively about their experiences.’
    • ‘Viewers did not react negatively on Web site message boards.’
    • ‘Many women want to be slim, since slim is regarded as beautiful, while being overweight is viewed negatively.’
    • ‘Investors will inevitably respond negatively to price-capping or regulatory intervention that is not absolutely necessary.’
    • ‘If you think negatively, you'll get negative results.’
    • ‘I'm not going to talk negatively about my opponents.’
    • ‘The court's rulings often appear to be deliberately negatively worded.’
    • ‘We apologize that the tweet was negatively perceived.’
    • ‘Cinema has often tended to view education and teachers somewhat negatively.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that indicates absence of a certain substance or condition.
      ‘women who originally tested negatively for the hepatitis C virus’
      • ‘The prediction that age would be negatively related to memory ability was not supported.’
      • ‘Overall, the concentrations were negatively associated with body mass index.’
      • ‘They identified about 6,000 women who received the product, but tested negatively.’
      • ‘Tree-ring growth in Virginia pine was significantly, negatively correlated to early fall temperature.’
      • ‘These have been correlated to effects brought about by negatively supercoiled templates.’
      • ‘Electron microscopy of negatively stained samples revealed prolate ellipsoids.’
      • ‘Because oil content is negatively correlated with starch, this result was expected.’
      • ‘Tunas are negatively buoyant and must swim continuously to avoid sinking.’
      • ‘There were mixed feelings over whether to attempt to contact women who had received potentially infected blood products and had tested negatively.’
      • ‘The stalk structure is a highly negatively curved connection between opposing monolayers that leads to hemifusion.’
      • ‘Cow fatness is associated indirectly and negatively with milk production.’
  • 2In a way that is not desirable or optimistic.

    ‘traffic congestion had impacted negatively on their business’
    • ‘The film is especially notable for its multi-racial (if somewhat negatively stereotyped) cast of characters from around the world.’
    • ‘Among the many issues negatively affecting the industry is lack of production capital.’
    • ‘This situation in no way reflects negatively on teachers.’
    • ‘Antibiotic use, disease, aging and other factors can negatively alter the microbial landscape, paving the way for a number of health problems.’
    • ‘There is no doubt the changes will impact negatively in the marketplace.’
    • ‘Manufacturing problems have negatively impacted the production of their latest graphics chip, the company said this week.’
    • ‘They register cautions against technology that fails to change the patterns of human behavior that negatively affect the earth.’
    • ‘He fears their secret affair will expose him negatively to his family and the community.’
    • ‘All of us affect, whether positively or negatively, the people we meet.’
    • ‘Margaret lose a lot of weight quickly, and her health was negatively affected.’
    • ‘Consequently, you're negatively reinforced for that behavior.’
  • 3With negative electric charge.

    ‘negatively charged ions’
    • ‘The positively and negatively charged ions cause an electric field to form.’
    • ‘An LED panel recreates the image on a negatively charged drum.’
    • ‘Positively charged pesticide molecules are attracted to and can bind to negatively charged clay particles.’
    • ‘The phosphate backbone of DNA is highly negatively charged.’
    • ‘Since the dye is negatively charged - and opposites attract - the cotton and wool dye to a uniform shade because the dye is attracted equally to both fibers.’
    • ‘These are subatomic particles that are negatively charged.’
    • ‘These peptides selectively interact with negatively charged bacterial membranes by electrostatic interaction.’
    • ‘The small negatively charged molecules are able to migrate through the separation membrane toward the positive electrode.’
    • ‘Positively-charged sodium ions within the capillaries attract negatively charged chloride, phosphate, and bicarbonate from the filtrate into the capillaries.’
    • ‘He identified these as negatively charged ions, partly explaining the electric field in thunderclouds.’