Definition of negative sign in US English:

negative sign


  • another term for minus sign
    • ‘A number of these measures were tested and in each case the estimated coefficient had the predicted negative sign for both equations.’
    • ‘This variable also serves to adjust the total estimated implicit values of all criteria for a given project area that would be implied by a summation of PC coefficients; thus, a negative sign is expected.’
    • ‘The latter variable is chosen to represent the overall well-being of state residents, with an expected negative sign of the coefficient.’
    • ‘Positive and negative signs indicate respective up-regulation and down-regulation in control embryos, compared with GSH-treated embryos.’
    • ‘A dummy for games in the first month of the season, October, is included and is expected to have a negative sign on its coefficient.’
    • ‘Thus, a negative sign is expected for this coefficient.’
    • ‘PHD is significant at the 1 per cent level with a negative sign.’
    • ‘When an error occurred, a negative sign (-) appeared in the corresponding feedback field.’
    • ‘For these two countries, the authors found that economic growth impacts population growth with a negative sign.’
    • ‘This is demonstrated by the fact that they can have a negative sign.’
    • ‘The sign of the effect indicates the direction of change in the phenotype; in this study, a positive sign indicates an increase and a negative sign a decrease in the trait value.’
    • ‘Those positive and negative signs are there because, in amino acids, one hydrogen atom moves to the other end of the molecule.’
    • ‘Here, the negative sign suggests that the inverse relationship between early support from the father and adult depressive symptoms was more substantial among male respondents than female respondents.’
    • ‘The coefficient for the size of the nearest wetland is also statistically significant and has a negative sign.’
    • ‘The expectation is for a negative sign on the CITY coefficient.’
    • ‘The positive or negative signs show up on the sheet above you.’
    • ‘In contrast, if we had placed the income variable in the public transport alternative's utility expression we might have expected a negative sign.’
    • ‘It is hypothesized that older producers are less likely to switch from a practice that has proven to be profitable than younger ones; thus, a negative sign is expected for each equation.’
    • ‘Similar comparisons (greater than/less than) are given a positive sign whereas dissimilar comparisons are given a negative sign.’
    • ‘The first step in compensation is to take the phase determined from the first scan and program it into the SLM with a negative sign so that it subtracts the distortions.’