Definition of negative pole in English:

negative pole


  • 1The south-seeking pole of a magnet.

    • ‘The main component of the Sun's magnetic field is similar to a bar magnet, with a positive pole and a negative pole.’
    • ‘The positive and negative poles of electricity do not compete; one is not better than the other; one will not overpower and eliminate the other because both are necessary parts of the system.’
    • ‘Developed by Dr Randolph Stone, the therapy is governed by the principle that energy in the body moves between positive and negative poles by passing through various ‘chakra’ points in the body.’
    • ‘We had an easy way of making heartblock in dogs, and then we simply took the wire and sewed it into the right ventricle, attached another wire into the skin, and connected it up to the positive and negative pole of this electrical stimulator.’
    • ‘Since growth of dendrite of lithium or zinc at the time of the charge can be prevented, short circuit between the negative pole and the positive pole can be prevented.’
    • ‘The electrons and protons in each half of the plasma rotate in opposite direction forming a huge ‘dynamo’ with the positive pole on the side of the plasma sheet facing dawn and the negative pole facing evening.’
    • ‘For example, imagine an equilateral triangle made of wood with a strong magnet, positive pole facing up embedded at each vertex. suspend a magnet with negative pole facing down by a string exactly over the center of the triangle.’
    • ‘In that space between a positive and a negative pole, sparks fly.’
    • ‘Leads I, II, and III record the flow of electrical current by using the limb leads as positive or negative poles.’
    • ‘He found that the water molecules inside the cells attempt to align their positive and negative poles with the alternating field produced by the radiation.’
    • ‘Another aspect of Thought Field Therapy recognizes that the body's energy has a polarity, a positive and negative pole, just like a battery, or the north and south poles of a magnet.’
    1. 1.1 A cathode.
      • ‘A voltage in the range of 0.25 volts or more is applied to the circuit by connecting the positive pole of a programmable power supply to the anode and the negative pole to the cathode.’