Definition of negative feedback in US English:

negative feedback


  • 1The diminution or counteraction of an effect by its own influence on the process giving rise to it, as when a high level of a particular hormone in the blood may inhibit further secretion of that hormone, or where the result of a certain action may inhibit further performance of that action.

    • ‘Control of CRH and ACTH release is maintained through negative feedback by cortisol at the hypothalamic and pituitary levels.’
    • ‘Bursting has also been recorded in vivo, where it can be directly observed to exert negative feedback on plasma glucose levels.’
    • ‘Furthermore, elevated serum fibrin and fibrinogen degradation products inhibit the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin by negative feedback; and therefore interfere with fibrin polymerization.’
    • ‘Exogenous steroids exert negative feedback on central glucocorticoid receptors, suppressing the secretion of corticotrophic hormone and adrenocorticotrophic hormone and reducing cortisol secretion from the adrenal.’
    • ‘Control of cortisol release is through negative feedback of the hormone at all levels of the HPI axis.’
    1. 1.1Electronics The return of part of an output signal to the input, which is out of phase with it, so that amplifier gain is reduced and the output is improved.
      • ‘It is therefore intriguing that the Shh network has evolved and exploited positive feedback to create a switch and negative feedback to dampen noise and thereby maintain the robust properties of the switch.’
      • ‘The earliest guitar amps from the Tweed era did not have negative feedback, a simplicity that yielded higher distortion and allowed the speaker to emote more character.’
      • ‘This result indicates that negative feedback reduces system noise and enables a robust transition in cell state within a narrow Shh signal concentration range near the deterministically predicted switching point.’
      • ‘We are able to provide an intuitive understanding of this result, because when the activators are fixed, both models reduce to a single delay differential equation with negative feedback.’