Definition of negative equity in US English:

negative equity


  • Potential indebtedness arising when the market value of a property falls below the outstanding amount of a mortgage secured on it.

    • ‘In the early 1990s interest rates soared resulting in a nasty crash in the housing market and negative equity - where the value of a house falls below that of the outstanding loan.’
    • ‘This doesn't commit them to a sale but providing a sale completes within 17 months of the initial claim on the insurance policy, any negative equity as a result of the sale will be written off by the lender.’
    • ‘Mortgage borrowers could face negative equity as house prices start to fall, one of the country's top mortgage lenders has warned.’
    • ‘I fear that we're buying at the peak of a bubble and we're going to end up locked into a mortgage with negative equity.’
    • ‘The percentage of the bank's residential mortgage loans in negative equity also fell to below 10 per cent in the quarter, Law said.’
    • ‘Speculation that a fall in house prices over the coming year will leave homeowners exposed to negative equity has caused quite a controversy among property analysts.’
    • ‘The danger for these people is that interest rates will rise and property prices fall leaving 100% borrowers in negative equity.’
    • ‘Strong levels of equity allow buyers trading up to put down sizeable deposits, limiting the potential for negative equity.’
    • ‘An indemnity bond is a type of insurance that protects the lender from negative equity.’
    • ‘This time it was the middle classes of middle England who were conspicuously suffering, from job insecurity, dear mortgages, negative equity, and falling house prices.’
    • ‘The amount of mortgage loans in negative equity in the banking sector as a whole also dropped by 17 per cent, it said.’
    • ‘She said she would be left with massive negative equity on her mortgage.’
    • ‘My mum has also told me about things such as recession, unemployment, and negative equity due to sky-high mortgage rates.’
    • ‘Now that house prices have begun to level off, people who have purchased in the last year may find themselves facing negative equity if they are forced to sell their property.’
    • ‘Much has also been written on the impact war might have on the Irish residential property market, with many commentators predicting the onslaught of negative equity.’
    • ‘And it could trigger a sharp fall in prices, with the consequent return of negative equity - the value of the property falling below the amount of the outstanding mortgage.’
    • ‘If you're worried about the market changing and falling into negative equity, make contingency plans now.’
    • ‘West Hull has severe housing problems, predominantly in the private sector, including empty properties, dereliction, negative equity and related social issues.’
    • ‘There are no indications that the end of the property boom will result in widespread negative equity for most investors.’
    • ‘If markets fall substantially and they end up with negative equity, investors could be stuck in a home that is too small for their needs with no way out until property prices recover.’


negative equity

/ˈnɛɡədɪv ˈˌɛkwədi/