Definition of neg in US English:



  • A photographic negative.

    ‘I've got the negs and the prints’
    • ‘You can develop until the negs look like soot and as long as the agitation is not too much and retain an easily printable result with bright open shadow detail.’
    • ‘I'm quite happy cleaning a neg off and making the best print I can.’
    • ‘He noticed deposits of what he believes to be silver chloride on the surface of some of his negs, and speculates that there may be enough silver in the used bleach to redeposit some onto the surface of the negative.’
    • ‘The resulting negs print wonderfully in my diffusion enlarger.’
    • ‘Both developer negs will go to 7 x 7 inch enlargements without any problem.’
    • ‘Prints made from films developed with both methods appear equally sharp, and no significant differences are seen when looking at the negs with a 30x magnifier.’
    • ‘His negs did not have the full tonal spectrum, just as yours don't.’
    • ‘I think it allows for strips of six negs, whereas I suspect most of mine are four per strip.’
    • ‘I think you will find the grain is quite acceptable, even in 35 mm negs, and that tonality is attractive, especially in highlights.’


Late 19th century: abbreviation.