Definition of needless to say in US English:

needless to say


  • Of course.

    • ‘They'll go after him anyway, needless to say, but it stands a good chance of backfiring.’
    • ‘So needless to say, there were a lot of jokes about spies and so on.’
    • ‘We were in a joint family then and needless to say, it was good fun.’
    • ‘So needless to say, the celebrations went on long into the night!’
    • ‘So, needless to say, I am intimately familiar with the incident and what took place.’
    • ‘And, needless to say, shortly after he began to believe me, he went away.’
    • ‘Although, needless to say, I am particularly drawn to the fourth one.’
    • ‘In England, needless to say, the mood is one of unbridled optimism.’
    • ‘But as a result of all this, Steph, who is, needless to say, completely happy and fine, has a date tomorrow.’
    • ‘The show, needless to say, will offer avid theatregoers a chance to get together and laugh at themselves.’
    of course, as might be expected, as one would expect, as you would expect, not unexpectedly, it goes without saying, obviously, naturally, clearly
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