Definition of need-blind in US English:



  • Of or denoting a college admissions policy in which applicants are judged solely on their merits, irrespective of their ability to pay for tuition.

    • ‘Fewer and fewer colleges are need-blind, and we're aware of that.’
    • ‘A need-blind admissions policy ensures that we have the strongest, most diverse student body possible.’
    • ‘In other words, if there is an ethical Rubicon to be crossed between need-blind and need-aware admissions policies, we have already crossed it.’
    • ‘Our need-blind admissions policy is also central.’
    • ‘As the school considers moving away from its need-blind admission policy, the issue of need-blind admission has become a hot topic around campus.’
    • ‘Over the past decade, numerous liberal arts colleges have re-examined their need-blind policies.’
    • ‘We are dismayed to learn of the President's consideration of abandoning the need-blind admissions policy.’
    • ‘With or without adherence to a need-blind policy, factors that determine admissions decisions will never reflect an even playing field.’
    • ‘Yale adopted its need-blind principles more than 30 years ago.’
    • ‘Wellesley also has a need-blind admissions policy - admissions decisions are independent of a student's financial need.’
    • ‘If the funding is cut, Macalester might have to give up its need-blind admissions policy, Lindeman said.’
    • ‘The university admitted last year's entering freshman class under a new need-blind admissions policy.’



/ˈnēd ˌblīnd/