Definition of nectarous in US English:



  • See nectar

    • ‘Fresh milk from the cow carries the slightest hint of her sweet scent; it is nectarous on the tongue, and fills the mouth with a soft buttery finish.’
    • ‘A nectarous glass of iced coffee on the terrace of the Taverna Dionysus, and I took the road to Chora Sfakion.’
    • ‘If we tune our minds and hearts to the nectarous melodies of Gurbani with a live faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, we are saved.’
    • ‘At the pinnacle of Australian sweet wines, however, are the nectarous Liqueur Muscats and Tokays.’
    • ‘Tropical green tea made with nectarous mangos and aromatic flower petals.’