Definition of nectarivorous in US English:



  • (of an animal) feeding on nectar.

    • ‘Frugivorous and nectarivorous birds have lower endogenous N losses and lower N equilibrium than granivorous and omnivorous birds.’
    • ‘These results support the assumption that the common declines in nectarivorous birds after hurricanes reflect immediate flower destruction and not subsequent flowering after two to three months.’
    • ‘All pteropodids are frugivorous or nectarivorous.’
    • ‘The nectarivorous hummingbirds evolved a derived mode of hovering flight that allows them to remain virtually motionless in front of flowers.’
    • ‘Those values are extremely low compared to those of granivorous and omnivorous bird species, but higher than those of nectarivorous species.’
    • ‘Hurricanes also commonly devastate populations of nectarivorous birds, probably because these birds are left with few nectar or fruit resources.’
    • ‘However, San Salvador has only two nectarivorous bird species so the pollination of P. bahamensis is constrained by bird species availability.’
    • ‘These two species are the only nectarivorous birds on the island.’
    • ‘Those honeyeaters, four of which are primarily nectarivorous (the exception is the White-eared Honeyeater), were most abundant in the medium and poor sites.’
    • ‘For nectarivorous birds, energy-expensive aggressive behavior may not be worthwhile for defending low nectar levels.’
    • ‘Exposure to predators may be one factor that limits the foraging activities of small nectarivorous birds at this site.’