Definition of nectariferous in US English:



  • (of a flower) producing nectar.

    • ‘However, several genera lack a nectariferous disc, or if they possess a disc it is non-secretory; some of these simply mimic nectar-providing flowers and thus deceive the pollinator.’
    • ‘Neiland and Wilcock indicated that nectariferous orchids are more successful in setting fruit than nectarless species.’
    • ‘The declining flowering phase of B. monosperma coincided with the peak flowering phase of Erythrina indica, another nectariferous tree with bright scarlet flowers that attract birds.’
    • ‘Consequently, it is speculated that M. anceps is melittophilous and is perhaps more typical of nectariferous Maxillaria spp. than the presumed ornithophilous M. coccinea.’
    • ‘Although these four orchids are scented and nectariferous, natural fruit-set was low in the wild, particularly in E. mucronata and E. aestivalis.’