Definition of necropolis in US English:



  • A cemetery, especially a large one belonging to an ancient city.

    • ‘The aerial campaigns turned many German cities into vast necropolises, resulting in an estimated 600,000 (primarily civilian) deaths and millions of internal refugees.’
    • ‘It is located in the city of Giza, a necropolis of ancient Memphis, and today it is part of Cairo, Egypt.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it's common for exhaustion or storms to defeat many birds before they make it home and they can often be found in large numbers on their sandy necropolises.’
    • ‘Further, in many cases temple overseers were laymen attached to other state services, and the necropolis workmen (a state body) were frequently given food provisions by the temples.’
    • ‘It studied the cultural level of a chalcolithic population centre and its adjacent necropolis.’
    • ‘They were to lie at rest in specially designed and constructed necropolises.’
    • ‘In Ethiopia the concept of tombs has been traced back 3,700 years with the discovery of a stone necropolis in the south-eastern area of Awash Chercher.’
    • ‘They battled a fight already lost in the necropolis of what these teenagers knew as home, that was now nothing more then an ocean of volcanic emission.’
    • ‘In all, it is enough memorialising to make you see Lower Manhattan as one vast necropolis.’
    • ‘The remodelled market is the most recent layer in a rich architectural geology that dates back to a Roman necropolis, unearthed during excavations for the new building.’
    • ‘Just 300 metres away are the latest archeological excavations of a necropolis dating back 3000 years…’
    • ‘This vast necropolis of some two and a half million tombs, some with fractured columns and chipped headstones, still bears witness to the ferocity of second world-war bombing raids.’
    • ‘Rehabilitating the necropolis is clearly a priority with the culture department, and it is obvious that any sustainable effort in this regard can only be done in conjunction with the Tourism department.’
    • ‘Nowhere is this more apparent than Westminster abbey, which he established as the royal necropolis.’
    • ‘This car dealer, based near Modena, has decided to preserve a Roman necropolis discovered during construction work for his new location and to make a museum out of it.’
    • ‘In 1964, a group of archaeologists discovered an Egyptian tomb in the necropolis of Saqqara.’
    graveyard, churchyard, burial ground, burial place, burying place, burying ground, garden of remembrance
    cemetery, graveyard, churchyard, burial place, burial ground, burying ground, garden of remembrance
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Early 19th century: from Greek, from nekros ‘dead person’ + polis ‘city’.