Definition of neckwear in US English:



  • Items worn around the neck, such as ties or scarves, collectively.

    ‘Will looked down at his neckwear and blushed’
    ‘you can buy neckwear from top designers’
    • ‘You will, however, learn to pick out fine-looking piece of neckwear from each basic style: contemporary, striped and solid.’
    • ‘The Guild of British Tie Makers is this week celebrating the knotted history of this particular piece of neckwear by urging men to buy more of them.’
    • ‘Way back in 1993, Sanjay along with a friend, Jyoti Narula, left the banking sector to start out a neckwear business, something that turned out to be a hugely profitable venture.’
    • ‘A fine, tasteful piece of neckwear enables a man to make a discreet fashion statement without feeling foolish.’
    • ‘Accessories, like watches, belts and neckwear, add an extra dash of color.’
    • ‘In one photo he makes the only unique neckwear statement with a light brown silk tie, which is a nontypical color palette.’
    • ‘The neckwear suppliers mirror what is happening at retail, and that has more to do with color palettes and patterns than lengths or widths.’
    • ‘According to Anthony Kenny, you can tell whether a philosophy of religion specialist is a believer or not by their neckwear.’
    • ‘From striped to solid ties, we've got the neckwear that'll make the ladies want to form new ties with you.’
    • ‘Glasses, hats, neckwear, hairstyles and wardrobes appear as attributes of character and identity.’
    • ‘A reaction began in the late 1960s, especially among evangelical Anglicans, who returned to lay neckwear, as had been the normal practice among clergy before the mid-l9th century.’
    • ‘Sorry, but the cold weather has brought this tasteless neckwear onto the streets in enormous numbers.’
    • ‘Horribly, inevitably, he is drawn to a bin of remaindered neckwear in grotesque paisley patterns - priced to move.’
    • ‘He seldom wears a tie, but the Aberdeen University graduate donned neckwear with his suit to meet MSPs in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘Neckties from Buffalo Bay are manufactured with 100% woven silks using a wet-dye printing method and are comparable to the finest neckwear available at the retail level.’
    • ‘The clerical collar is derived from an early 19th century form of lay neckwear.’
    • ‘Same suit, same shirt every other day, different neckwear.’
    • ‘I am a fledgling neckwear designer, and I've finally gotten all my ducks in a row - great silk designers, a great subcontractor, and so on.’