Definition of neckless in US English:



  • See neck

    • ‘When you add up the rest of the bits, an average bald, plucked, neckless, gutless chicken weighs about 4 pounds.’
    • ‘With respect to the last criteria, I have to note that on entering, I noticed some neckless fat men with gold chains accompanied by very young, skinny pouting girls.’
    • ‘His cone-shaped body and neckless head terrified the other children at the orphanage, and at the tender age of 10, the Conical Cowboy set out into the world to make his fortune.’
    • ‘A red velvet curtain serves as a door and is patrolled by a neckless bodybuilder in a tuxedo.’
    • ‘A security guard - like all the others, a large neckless guy in a pinstriped suit - comes to the gate and yells that he has an announcement.’