Definition of necessarian in US English:


noun & adjective

  • another term for determinist (see determinism)
    • ‘Hence it appears that the most instructed peasant or artisan is practically a necessarian.’
    • ‘He embraced Hartley's theory of association carrying with it the necessarian doctrine and in 1754 became a scientific determinist.’
    • ‘The necessarian on the contrary employs real antecedents, and has a right to expect real effects.’
    • ‘Most of the French Philosophers were necessarians, but Holbach expressed the doctrine in a more extreme form than the others.’
    • ‘Stevens and Whorf were necessarians of imagination.’
    • ‘Huxley, biased by physical science, took at one time the extreme necessarian view.’
    • ‘In his public theological pronouncements Gaskell adopted a position between the necessarian Unitarianism of his forbear Joseph Priestley and the free-will transcendentalism of his contemporary James Martineau.’
    • ‘Fatalists, necessarians, and determinists answer ‘Yes’ to this question.’
    • ‘He asserted free will and preferred to call himself a necessarian, holding a doctrine that directly links causes to their effects and presumes that the same mechanical laws that worked in the physical order also worked in the human.’