Definition of nebbishy in US English:



North American
  • See nebbish

    • ‘He's nebbishy, quietly romantic, and - as many of his songs suggest - dreaming of road trip getaways.’
    • ‘His only allies are his nerdlinger best friends, nebbishy Neal and the unspeakably gawky Bill.’
    • ‘But nebbishy Peter isn't what he seems to be either - he's actually a pencil pushing clerk at the airport.’
    • ‘Carol is convinced that the nerdy, nebbishy suitor is just not right for her pal.’
    • ‘She locks Mom, kids and family dog in a large steamer trunk and then prepares to seduce nebbishy Bob.’
    • ‘‘I think my wife's a little weird, you know, because she's with me,’ the nebbishy, nasal-voiced director said.’
    • ‘A nebbishy fellow with glasses stood up in one of the cubicles.’
    • ‘This nifty little thriller opens with the arresting image of a nebbishy accountant being dangled over the side of a bridge.’
    • ‘A nebbishy architect is inexplicably charged with designing the suicide barrier on the Bloor Viaduct.’
    • ‘He's a short, nebbishy guy with a neat goatee and horn-rimmed glasses.’