Definition of near-infrared in US English:



  • Pertaining to or being in the infrared spectrum that is closest to visible light; it is used for studying red dwarfs, red giants, and other celestial objects.

    • ‘Canopy vegetation over ancient sites displayed changes in color and reflectivity that were visible only when captured by satellite instruments in near-infrared spectrums.’
    • ‘It operates in the visible and near-infrared range of the spectrum.’
    • ‘This method relies on establishing the relationship between the near-infrared spectra of a subset of the samples and reference chemical values.’
    • ‘Thus, regions that are often covered with clouds and do not lend themselves to visible light and near-infrared remote sensing can be imaged using radar illumination.’
    • ‘Despite their atmospheric importance, the line intensities of water in the near-infrared and visible regions of the spectrum are actually very weak.’
    • ‘Photodynamic therapy consists in the activation with visible or near-infrared light of photosensitizing compound accumulated in tumor or other abnormal tissues.’
    • ‘The hand-held device, which uses near-infrared light to measure blood flow in the breast, emits a tone when it detects increased blood volume that could signal tumor growth.’
    • ‘The NIST sensors operate at the wavelength of near-infrared light used for fiber-optic communications and produce negligible false counts.’
    • ‘Some casinos have installed cameras that use near-infrared and low-power infrared lighting to illuminate surveillance areas.’
    • ‘In addition, two-photon systems employ near-infrared light for excitation, which minimizes tissue damage, photobleaching, and intrinsic tissue fluorescence.’
    • ‘Visible and near-infrared spectra were acquired throughout the blanching cycle.’
    • ‘Visible and near-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy has been used in animal models and in humans to analyze the oxygenation of tumoral tissues.’
    • ‘The visible and near-infrared portions of the spectra were analyzed independently using the extinction coefficients illustrated in Figures 1 and 2.’
    • ‘Studies using near-infrared spectroscopy provide evidence of respiratory muscle dysfunction during exercise in chronic heart failure.’
    • ‘Although the blanch in dark-skinned individuals cannot be detected by the human eye, analysis of the visible and near-infrared spectra should permit the changes to be followed.’
    • ‘The use of real materials is important for a faithful representation of what would be visible through near-infrared night vision goggles.’
    • ‘‘We use visible and near-infrared light bounced off various spots on a chicken carcass to find systemic problems,’ Chen says.’
    • ‘Visible and near-infrared light cover a wavelength range of 400 nm to 700 nm and 700 nm to 2500 nm, respectively.’
    • ‘Once in orbit around the Moon, AMIE will survey the lunar terrain using visible and near-infrared light, providing clues about its chemical composition and geological history.’
    • ‘A decade later, researchers were able to fabricate photonic crystals that work in the near-infrared and visible regions of the spectrum.’