Definition of Naxalite in US English:



  • (in South Asia) a member of an armed revolutionary group advocating Maoist communism.

    • ‘The horror of the Naxalite movement in the Bengal of the 1970s forms a backdrop to these.’
    • ‘In India the Naxalite movement was gaining ardent followers among the young and the educated who dreamt of overthrowing a corrupt and heartless system.’
    • ‘In one case a 10-year-old boy, labelled as a dreaded Naxalite, was arrested on an accusation of murder.’
    • ‘Hundreds of urban youth left home and their studies to be part of the peasant revolution for the seizure of political power known popularly as the Naxalite movement.’
    • ‘The Naxalite threat falls in a different category.’
    • ‘Posters of Naxalite leaders filled the streets during the recent peace talks between the Andhra Pradesh Government and the Naxalites.’
    • ‘They became members of the Red Brigades, the Stern Gang, the Naxalites, the Shining Path.’
    • ‘The Naxalites should lay down arms and join mainstream politics.’
    • ‘Even the extreme radicals, the Maoist Naxalites, did not entirely ignore her.’
    • ‘A statement from the Central Committee said the Naxalites would not do anything that would violate the ceasefire.’
    • ‘Be it a natural calamity or a Naxalite attack, he used to rush even to the remotest corners of the state to personally supervise the relief operations.’
    • ‘His critique of the Naxalite movement in India was published in the News Letter.’
    • ‘For in the dense tropical forests surrounding the region, lurked large numbers of angry young rebels known as Naxalites.’


1960s: from Naxal(bari), the name of an area of West Bengal, India, + -ite.