Definition of naw in English:


determiner, noun, adverb, & exclamation

Scottish, Northern English, North American
  • ‘“Want some toast?” “Naw.”’
    variant spelling of no, representing a dialect or non-standard pronunciation
    • ‘While I have never looked at a team-line and thought: ‘Aw naw, I can't believe I've got him again,’ some players have allegedly thought that about me!’
    • ‘Maybe I will prepare him for boot camp. Naw that would be too nice.’
    • ‘Heck naw, if she was dating him I'd have a hernia!’
    • ‘I didn't really watch them that much, naw.’
    • ‘‘Naw, naw it's fine,’ she protested, but he insisted, glancing nervously over his shoulder.’
    • ‘Sure, I could say naw, he's not perfect, I'll continue to look for Mr. Fantasy, but maybe all that does is get me farther away from loving a real, flesh and blood, imperfect human being.’
    • ‘‘Ya but these guys won't take naw for an answer… ‘He said and smirked and walked toward the stairs.’’
    • ‘And naw, Will would never do summit stupid like ask out Darcy; he's too smart for that.’
    • ‘‘Naw, naw,’ Akairo laughed as his engine rumbled to life.’
    • ‘That's why I told them Hell naw when they gave me an invitation.’
    • ‘It's not late, naw, naw, just early, early, early’
    • ‘‘My mom and dad teaching me, hell naw,’ Jenny said.’
    • ‘Anyhow, I naw complain… by the sweat of our brow shall we eat bread.’