Definition of nautch in English:



  • (in South Asia) a traditional dance performed by professional dancing girls.

    • ‘She writes of being a spectator in an exotic world of jugglers, tumblers, snake charmers, fire-eaters, and nautch girls.’
    • ‘They had ceased to patronise the nautch, and in its stead preferred English music or military bands.’
    • ‘There were performances by the ubiquitous nautch girls.’
    • ‘It has the taint of the louche, as did its forebear, the nautch show.’
    • ‘They would send me portraits of fabulous guys with beards, smoking hookahs and watching nautch girls.’
    • ‘Nobody would stand around long enough to view a nautch in its entirety.’
    • ‘Weddings and other festive occasions are observed with much enthusiasm and are often celebrated with feasting, and sometimes with nautch girls.’


From Hindi nāc, from Prakrit nachcha, from Sanskrit nṛtya ‘dancing’.