Definition of naturism in US English:



  • 1British The practice of wearing no clothes in a vacation camp or for other leisure activities; nudism.

    ‘she never wore a stitch—she was a convert to naturism’
    • ‘Dave says: ‘The last thing naturism is about is sex.’’
    • ‘I can't speak for others, but like every programme I've ever seen about naturism, it makes me question why I ever found the human body attractive.’
    • ‘Nudism and naturism are often used synonymously.’
    • ‘They say naturism is ‘a way of life in harmony with nature with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment‘.’
    • ‘These figures have convinced the naturist movement that the UK naturism industry would swing into action if proper facilities were made available.’
    • ‘I take exception to the continued association between sex and naturism.’
    • ‘I do believe in naturism and am at my happiest on a nude beach with people of all ages and races’
    • ‘My parents are into naturism and we have been bathing nude for as long as I can remember.’
    • ‘These are people who frequented the beaches and pruriently connected naturism with sex.’
    • ‘‘Clearly there are still people ill at ease with naturism who still have a lot of prejudices towards it,’ he says.’
    • ‘It was when he and his young family emigrated to Canada that he first discovered the joys of naturism.’
    • ‘I appeared on the show to promote naturism, which is something I enjoy in the privacy of my own home.’
  • 2The worship of nature or natural objects.

    • ‘At his most masterly, Kinsella elides naturism and intellection in the structure of his phrases.’