Definition of natural religion in US English:

natural religion


  • Religion, especially deism, based on reason rather than divine revelation.

    • ‘Rooted in both ancient and medieval philosophy, natural religion involves knowledge of God drawn from nature through the use of logic and reason.’
    • ‘But one could also be a theist based on arguments from natural religion.’
    • ‘The Dudleian lecturers insisted that natural religion pointed to a moral law that men were obliged to follow.’
    • ‘This didn't lead Rubenstein to atheism, strictly speaking, but to a sort of mystical, natural religion.’
    • ‘The novel also described natural religion in which God is the ‘Author of Nature’ whose hidden actions make nature intelligible.’
    • ‘For them, the sacred texts of other people were containers of natural religion and as such they had to be scrutinized in relation to the special revelation deposited in the Bible.’
    • ‘In his plan of studies for the University of Virginia Jefferson wanted natural religion to be taught to the exclusion of all doctrine attributed to revelation.’
    • ‘As natural religion indicated, divine Truth could be ascertained by all rational beings.’
    • ‘The first lecture was to focus on the principles of natural religion, while the second would illustrate the truths of scriptural revelation.’
    • ‘The aestheticism of the eighteenth century was a corollary of the rationalism of natural religion.’