Definition of natural food in US English:

natural food


  • Food that has undergone a minimum of processing or treatment with preservatives.

    • ‘Consumers can now easily pick up organic and natural foods at 73 percent of grocery stores, reveals a Food Marketing Institute study.’
    • ‘This sector has experienced considerable growth in recent years as consumer interest in nutrition and natural food supplements has increased.’
    • ‘Displacing natural foods with engineered foods (protein supplements) limits your intake of the health-protective nutrients in whole foods.’
    • ‘In China during the Sung dynasty there was a movement in favour of natural food.’
    • ‘If you suspect the product you bought is past its prime, most natural food stores will allow you to return it.’
    • ‘Now the best place to find them is your local health or natural food store.’
    • ‘Oregon is enticing California natural food businesses to move north a state.’
    • ‘Look for it at your natural foods store, in the macrobiotic or Asian food section.’
    • ‘It is available at Chinese apothecaries and some natural food stores.’
    • ‘In all our time in hotels we found it difficult to get good natural food.’
    • ‘This is, however, a natural food, and one that is most certainly in keeping with William's well-balanced and relatively unprocessed diet.’
    • ‘Therefore, many people prefer natural foods to processed foodstuffs.’
    • ‘Good flours also available by mail, and many natural foods stores offer organic flours.’
    • ‘Both are sold on the Internet and through some natural food stores.’
    • ‘One should never under-estimate the unnatural things that American food companies will do to natural foods.’
    • ‘To rinse your sinuses, use a neti pot, a small teapotlike device sold at most natural food stores.’
    • ‘The two most common places that consumers buy organic food are supermarkets and natural food stores.’
    • ‘It can begin with choosing natural foods over those that are processed and filled with additives and artificial ingredients.’
    • ‘They market it to some natural food stores in northeastern Wisconsin and in Madison, and a few upscale delis carry the product.’
    • ‘Choose fresh, natural foods over fast, commercial or packaged foods.’