Definition of nativity scene in English:

nativity scene


  • another term for crèche (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘How does the local childcare centre respect families of minority cultures while incorporating the nativity scene, Christian carols and the visit of Santa Claus in the end-of-year curriculum?’
    • ‘A singing Santa was sabotaged and a nativity scene stoned when vandals attacked a street of popular residential Christmas lights.’
    • ‘The nativity scene remains in its place until January 6, the Epiphany (the twelfth night after Christmas).’
    • ‘On the inside, the driver's seat is surrounded by baubles and tinsel framing gaudy pictures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus; a nativity scene suggesting Christmas year round.’
    • ‘We are playing Christmas carols from a PA system and a nativity scene is on the 1930s engine.’
    • ‘The event featured a procession with children in nativity costume, a nativity scene and carol singing.’
    • ‘So he proposed that we replace the traditional Christmas nativity scene with a gigantic birthday cake that had written on it, Happy Birthday, Jesus.’
    • ‘I was amused when he said it reminded us of what Christmas was about, as the nativity scene had nothing to do with the pagan festival.’
    • ‘They have not merely sent out Christmas-themed Christmas cards, but recreated the nativity scene on the front.’
    • ‘A shop in North Pattaya displayed a beautiful nativity scene with snow and all, but apparently overcrowded.’
    • ‘Some councils already display a nativity scene in public, such as Glasgow, where a crib is placed in George Square every year.’
    • ‘He goes on to provide background information on his mother's role as superintendent of the Sunday school and as organizer of the annual nativity scene performed on the church lawn.’
    • ‘Life-size models of two shepherds used in a church nativity scene have been decapitated by vandals.’
    • ‘The minister was looking at the church nativity scene when he noticed that baby Jesus was missing.’
    • ‘It's not the first time Baby Jesus has been stolen from a front-lawn nativity scene.’
    • ‘St. Francis organized a group of people to go on Christmas Eve and created the first live nativity scene that year.’
    • ‘However, if my remarks about our example of the nativity scene were correct, one could know that that scene was produced by design but could not do so in either of these ways.’


nativity scene

/nəˈtivədē sēn/