Definition of nationalize in English:



  • 1Transfer (a major branch of industry or commerce) from private to state ownership or control.

    • ‘The impetus was provided by the Baath regime's decision to nationalise the oil industry.’
    • ‘Severe economic crisis, a blockade by US imperialism and the flight of most of China's capitalists to Taiwan and Hong Kong forced the CCP to nationalise most industries.’
    • ‘The major industries were all nationalised, trade union power was dominant, and taxes were sky high.’
    • ‘We discussed different issues: not paying the external debt anymore, re-nationalizing the privatized industries, nationalizing the banks and the international trade.’
    • ‘Allende's government did nationalise some industry in its first year.’
    • ‘Collectivist institutions like the trade unions, local government, and nationalized industries had already been weakened by the end of the 1980s, as a result of Conservative policies.’
    • ‘No Democrats talk about nationalizing industries, and no Republicans talk about abolishing Social Security or Medicare.’
    • ‘This industry has not been nationalised; it has been regulated.’
    • ‘The country's large oil industry was nationalised and the monarchy overthrown.’
    • ‘By nationalizing all industry and controlling social life, the ruling party made employees out of virtually the entire population.’
    • ‘Domestically, Bhutto pursued a populist agenda and nationalized major industries and the banking system.’
    • ‘It wants greater control, to nationalise industries, regulate businesses, and tax everyone to the hilt.’
    • ‘They no longer harbour notions of socialism, or nationalising industry.’
    • ‘Indeed, landowners were expropriated almost immediately, while banks, commerce and industry were nationalized.’
    • ‘But let's remember when Attlee's government nationalised industries, it didn't do it to put the working class in power.’
    • ‘This Government has nationalised the industry, and we now have monopolies with State-owned enterprises on a regional basis.’
    • ‘But in order to attract foreign investment into the country the government has agreed to ‘liberalise prices’ and privatise the remaining nationalised industries.’
    • ‘IN 1965 there was a crisis after the regime nationalised the oil industry, threatening the Anglo-Dutch multinational Shell, which had a monopoly on Indonesia's oil.’
    • ‘But he had no intention of nationalising the industry - he would not break existing agreements with multinationals, he announced.’
    • ‘Thus, in 1953 the CIA and British intelligence collaborated in overthrowing the nationalist regime of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran after he nationalized the oil industry in that country.’
    state, national, federal, government
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  • 2Make distinctively national; give a national character to.

    ‘in the 13th and 14th centuries church designs were further nationalized’
    • ‘At the risk of errant foolishness, I attempted a nationalized semiotics of squibbing: what will the squibs of each country's films tell me?’
    • ‘Such cultural diversity and geographic isolation have led to a nationalized sense of pride.’
    • ‘The complex is part of a nationalized vocabulary of religious architecture in which the ritual progression through buildings is consistent from complex to complex, region to region, and religion to religion.’
  • 3usually as adjective nationalizedarchaic Naturalize (a foreigner)

    ‘he is now a nationalized Frenchman’